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(no subject)
 glee_rpg - (fracturedlove20)
04:39pm 30/12/2009
fracturedlove20 posting in New Directions: A Glee RPG Community

Name: Delaney
Age: 16
LJ Username: Fracturedlove20
Desired Character: Noah Puckerman 
Writing Sample:  
What's Wrong with me? I mean  I have Rugged good looks, and my muscles are rippling through my shirt. I even perfected the way I raise my eyebrows, bite my bottom lip and wink to attract hot chicks and let me get into their pants. I'm a stud, and I haven't gotten any action in two weeks. I got pretty close when I was dating Berry, but even a desperate girl like that wouldn't give it up to me. I figured it would all be okay If I could get into Quinn's pants, and double as a Damn good father to our kid. I can picture it now-- Raking up money with my killer pool cleaning business, then come home to my smokin hot wife, Quinn, and our daughter Puckina, and after we would put her to bed, me and Quinn could fool around a bit. Perfect, right? Well Quinn decided she wants to do things on her own now. So Berry doesn't want me, and Quinn doesn't want me, so what do I do now? I guess I could always get into Santanna Lopez's Pants.  

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(no subject)
10:43pm 30/12/2009 (UTC)
I hope it alright if I still audition even thought that Glee is done until April...
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11:05pm 30/12/2009 (UTC)
Stephanie: Matt 4
Welcome, new applications are definitely welcome during the hiatus! You can start setting up your character journal
picword: Matt 4
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Re: Accepted
11:50pm 30/12/2009 (UTC)
Thanks alot! This is my journal!
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