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New Directions: A Glee RPG Community

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Welcome to New Directions, a role-playing community inspired by the new Fox TV series "Glee". Players of all RPG levels are welcome to join

Will Schuester, a young Spanish teacher at McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio, takes over the school's once-successful glee club in the hopes of restoring it to its former glory

* The RPG will follow closely with the actual episodes as they air
* You need to be familiar with the characters of "Glee". If not, look here for a reference
* Characters are given out on a first-come, first-served basis
* In a separate community post, please tell me which character you want to play
* Once you have been assigned your character, you must create a new LiveJournal in the guise of that character and link back to the community as well as friend your fellow players
* All character journals must be shared from that character's point of view
* Some adult content is allowed, but nothing too explicit
* One character per person at this time. If there are not enough players to fill character spots, you will be allowed to double up
* If there's a character that is not mentioned and you would like to play it, please let me know in your application post

Character Journals
* Each player is responsible for the maintenance of their own character journal
* You must include in your profile a sort of disclaimer that the character you're playing is for the purpose of this RPG
* When responding to other players' journals, be sure to reply in the guise of your character

Audition Form
For those interested in playing a character, I'd like to see a sample of writing in the style of the character you wish to portray.
* The sample should be done in the first person, and posted here in the community
* Start a separate post with the title "Auditioning for Glee Club", and put the following behind an LJ-cut:

LJ Username:
Desired Character:
Writing Sample:

Characters and Actors

Will Schuester
Actor: princesspolaris
Character LJ: will_schuester

Sue Sylvester
Actor: qkellie
Character LJ: cheerioscoach

Terri Schuester
Actor: fishery
Character LJ:

Emma Pillsbury
Actor: deadlypo
Character LJ: guidancelady

Rachel Berry
Actor: borrowed
Character LJ : rachelbberry

Finn Hudson
Actor: starryskies
Character LJ:

Kurt Hummel
Actor: greenskribbles
Character LJ: fashionsoprano

Artie Abrams
Actor: no_role_model88
Character LJ:

Tina Cohen-Chang
Actor: longlosttears
Character LJ:

Noah "Puck" Puckerman
Actor: fracturedlove20
Character LJ:

Mercedes Jones
Character open,
audition to claim

Quinn Fabray
Actor: xskullerflyx
Character LJ:

Santana Lopez
Actor: ashantiw
Character LJ:

Thanks to GleeImages for the character photos