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 glee_rpg - (igeeky)
10:30pm 07/07/2010
iGeeky posting in New Directions: A Glee RPG Community
Name: Mel
Age: 14
Desired Character: Mercedes Jones
Writing Sample: I'm so tired of Rachel having all the solos! I wouldn't mind getting some more yo know! And NOT just belting out the last note, even though it is kinda fun. I wouldn't even mind if Tina or even Quinn getting solos more often. Just not Rachel! Not every single time anyway. I really hope we do well at Regionals. We kicked it at sectionals. But now we're up against Vocal Adreneline. If we just make sure our set list is solid and ISN'T LEAKED we should be pretty good. I'm hoping we sing something powerful, and hard hitting. Something like..well, something awesome. Maybe Queen.
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