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terri audition form! :)
 glee_rpg - (fishery)
10:22pm 29/10/2009
all pretty & petite posting in New Directions: A Glee RPG Community

Name: samantha

Age: eighteen!

LJ Username: fishery

Desired Character: Terri Schuester

Writing Sample:

I have to tell you, it being a pregnant wife in today's world is so unbelievably difficult. The economy’s in such bad shape, Will and I are already having the toughest time pooling our money to pay for all of the usual expenses, and I’m hiding the biggest secret of all under my shirt.

Between us, I’m not actually pregnant. But I could be! I mean, I’m definitely eating enough to be a pregnant woman, and I’m constantly filling Will in on my appointment dates with the baby doctor. I know it just looks like I’m being completely self-serving and manipulative, but I’m not, really. I’m just trying to look out for my marriage. Will wanted a baby so badly, and when I saw the look in his eyes when I tried to tell him it didn’t work out - I choked! I couldn’t! I wanted to tell him the truth, believe me, I did! But Kendra told me it’d just make him walk out on me, and honestly, there are so many other factors playing into that possible scenario...

Like the woman from work. I met her once. I even convinced her football coach boyfriend to propose to her spontaneously when I took that week-long job at McKinley - not sure exactly if she accepted or not, but how could she refuse? The confidence was nearly pouring out of his every word with that proposal. I was proud of my work.

Honestly, I know what it looks like. I’m conning everyone into doing things they weren’t meant to, just to get a step ahead.. but how is my marriage going to be salvaged if Will keeps spending all of his spare time in those silly choir rehearsals, or worse, with Emma? Oh, I put her in her place, believe me I did. But this is about even more than my marriage. This about the baby - Quinn Fabray is giving me the one she’s actually having - it’s Finn Hudson’s, the poor girl - but don’t you see what this means? I’m still getting to be able to have a family with my husband. The fact that Will’s baby girl doesn’t share his D.N.A. is a completely minor and irrelevant detail that he never has to know about. It’ll just be my own little secret.

Until then, another slice of grasshopper pie, please. ;)

(i hope it's still okay to audition even though glee is on a hiatus for like two weeks. boooo!)

mood: chipperchipper
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02:43am 30/10/2009 (UTC)
And of course it's okay to audition, your Terri piece was wonderful You may start your character journal at any time

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Re: Accepted
03:28am 30/10/2009 (UTC)
awesome, thank you! :) this is the journal i made for terri. =]
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