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Community Update
 glee_rpg - (princesspolaris)
08:14pm 29/09/2009
Stephanie posting in New Directions: A Glee RPG Community
Greetings, fellow Gleeks!

I am so happy to see that many of the character journals are going well, and I hope you are having fun playing. A new episode airs on Wednesday (September 30), so please watch and think up your next entries

We still have a few of the main characters open for new members. They are as follows:

Terri Schuester
Artie Abrams
Noah "Puck" Puckerman
Mercedes Jones

Also, if there are any other characters (ex. Ken Tanaka) that you would like to see added to the RPG, please feel free to do so. Remember, if you're looking to play a character, please post an audition form along with a writing sample in the guise of your character

If you know of anyone who's a fan of Glee and would like to join the community, please refer them to glee_rpg

Keep having fun!
Stephanie, Community Leader
mood: happyhappy
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(no subject)
12:14pm 18/10/2009 (UTC)
Debris K.: glee finders by debris_k
I'm not sure if it's alright to ask this here, so don't hit me too hard if not: mutual affiliation w/ gleefinders, y/n? :-)
picword: glee finders by debris_k
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